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Bespoke PPE

The on-going pandemic has upended our lives in so many ways and disrupted business for almost all of us to varying degrees. Like many businesses, we have had to pivot and adjust to the current situation. Early on in the pandemic we were able to help import quality masks and face shields and with the help of our customers and local charitable organizations we able to donate over 100,000 masks to hospitals, first responders, and nursing homes. We partnered with churches around the country to help get masks to vulnerable populations, especially in densely populated cities. 


Thankfully supply chains have largely been re-balanced and, while there are definitely still shortages and issues, the dire need has subsided. Because of this we have shifted our focus again and have worked to find some of the best consumer products out there! 

Our new M555 masks offer great levels of protection and are printed right here in St. Louis and sewn together here and in Houston, helping to keep several American businesses afloat. The Epicure hand sanitizer is another American company that we are helping to support as well. 

We appreciate everyone's support right now and hope that you are all staying as safe, happy, and healthy as possible! 

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